And I’ll be writing this in English, where as my blog usually is in my native language, Dutch.  I’m doing this as a courtesy to the author of “Building a family“, William Corgan, who uses an email address putting himself with the likes of Ender Wiggin… pretty ironic that he identifies himself with a character created by a – alledgedly – notouriously homophobic writer, Orson Scott Card… yes, I did read “Ender’s game”; liked the movie with Asa Butterfield better though 😉

Seventy Four episodes already; I’m currently reading episode 54… 54 episodes in just 3 days; I’m feeling like Alex and Joey working on their math books… It goes to show how this story captivated me I suppose…

Nifty is a great site, in some twisted way a godsend for a lot of people… I’ve known the site for quite some time and while it is very often a way to “quickly rub one out”, it certainly can be a mesmerising source for more ‘in depth’ reading material… There are certainly a number of stories – or authors – that have given me a certain “buzz”… hard to describe actually what that buzz exactly is… A common thing is the fact that the stories are  recognizable… and that is very often geographically, or pertaining to something that happened in my life.  In one word: life like.  I absolutely liked – and these are just 2 examples – “Double Trouble“, and “Drummer Boy“.  An author I really would like to mention here – and I did write a previous entry about him – is Ganymede!  He had me reading several chapters into the night at once!

I’ve been to Springfield (I’m a Civil War buff, so a visit to Springfield goes without saying… Lincoln, remember), and although I’ve not visited New Berlin, it’s close enough!  The fact that “Building a family” uses real locations (the pizza place among others) makes it all the more interesting.

But actually… You want to know the real reason I’m reading this story?  I wish I was Max!  Not for being a famous author with 4 bestseller books, but for having a wonderful family like he has!  Lovely story!